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RSPH Level 1 Award in Nutrition for Health

Level 1 Award in Nutrition for Health

This qualification is for those who wish to obtain a basic knowledge and understanding of human nutrition and how it affects health. Its objective is to provide learners with a basic knowledge of human nutrition and equip them with an awareness of the importance of healthy eating. It is ideal for those considering a role in the catering, hospitality or leisure industries.

In the health sector, it would be useful for health trainers, other health professionals and staff in a range of public services who need a basic knowledge of human nutrition.

The qualification provides an introduction to the importance and principles of a well-balanced diet, current public health guidance on healthy eating and the relationship between diet and health. 


The course trainer

This course is delivered by a trainer with a BSc (Hons) in nutrition, biology and dietetics. The trainer previously worked in the NHS and private sector as a dietitian and nutritionist providing dietary advise to people with e.g. obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and food allergies. So you can be sure you are getting expert information from a fully qualified trainer.

To achieve this qualification a candidate must:

  • Understand the concept of healthy eating
  • Know the composition of a healthy balanced diet
  • Understand the role of food labelling in achieving a healthy balanced diet
  • Understand the Concept of Healthy Eating
  • Identify the Composition of a Healthy Balanced Diet
  • Understand the Role of Food Labelling in achieving a Healthy Balanced Diet 

Course information

  • Duration duration: One day
  • Ofqual qualification number: 603/2124/6
  • Assessment: Multiple-choice examination (20 MCQs) pass mark is 12 correct
  • Prerequisite:  None, but the RSPH recommends candidates to have a min level 1 in literacy and numeracy
  • Keywords: Nutrition, Health, Balance, Diet, Allergy, Labelling, Food 

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