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Courses at Kitchen Tonic

Kitchen Tonic provides bespoke and formal training in five occupational areas: Health and Safety, Food Safety, HACCP, Nutrition and First Aid. Business operators are legally required to make sure staff are trained to a level appropriate for the work you do!

There is no prescriptive way training must be carried out. There is no obligation to provide formal accredited qualifications. Kitchen Tonic regularly provides bespoke training solutions for a wide range of businesses. We can provide the training material, exams and certificates of achievement or attendance.

Training shows your commitment to your staff and meeting your legal responsibilities. It is also about upholding standards, enhancing your brand and maintaining a profitable business!

Studies show that your commitment to training will improve morale, improve productivity and reduce staff turnover, compensation claims and legal action. We can also help you set up your documentation. 

If staff are not properly trained, the cost when something goes wrong will far exceed the cost of training.

Through our quality assurance training, we aim to help you to motivate your staff, increase your efficiency and boost your standards, reputation and long term success, as well as meet legal requirements. 

Remember training is not just about sending staff on a course. Effective training has two stages: the provision of knowledge and the implementation of knowledge.

(1)Training is recognised as essential to the success of any enterprise. The Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) makes it a legal requirement to train all staff in Health & Safety and the new Food safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013 and EU 852/2004 contain a similar provision. 


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