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When customers enter your food premesis they make an immediate opinion about the cleanliness of the place, staff and ambience amongst other things.

In today’s digital age word of mouth spreads quicker. Customers are more than ever likely to post bad as well as good comments on relevant websites, inform local authorities which can influence consumer choice. Good reviews can be great for business while bad reviews can mean a loss in business.

Food safety training is about better food handling, preparation and storage to prevent illness from biological, physical, chemical and allergenic hazards. It is also about upholding trust in your customers, enhancing your brand and maintaining a profitable business!

The best way to gain knowledge is to attend a fully accredited food hygiene course with a registered and experienced trainer who can guide learners and correct any pre conceived misconceptions, through in-house training or by attending any of our open to public food safety courses.

The "Food Hygiene" course was re-named and replaced by  'Food Safety' available in levels 1 to 4 in 2006 to accommodate new legislation (1).

New legislation recommends that training must be appropriate for the work you do. This was to accommodate content containing HACCP and the course being divided up into 4 occupational areas:-

If you work in the food industry you should be aware of your responsibilities in the provision of safe food for public consumption.

Studies show that your commitment to training will improve morale, improve productivity and reduce staff turnover, compensation claims and legal action. We can also help you set up your documentation. 

If staff are not properly trained, the cost when something goes wrong will far exceed the cost of training.

Through our quality assurance training, we aim to help you to motivate your staff, increase your efficiency and boost your standards of food hygiene, reputation and long term success, as well as meet legal requirements. 

Remember training is not just about sending staff on a course. Effective training has two stages: the provision of knowledge and the implementation of knowledge.

Kitchen Tonic is a CIEH registered training provider based in London. We provide food safety training both accredited (CIEH) and bespoke unaccredited in most areas of the UK. We can come to you and train your staff onsite.

So whether you are after a basic food hygiene course (level 2 food safety course) or an intermediate food hygiene course (level 3 food safety) or a more advanced food safety course (level 4) call Kitchen Tonic. We also deliver HACCP and allergencourses and the popular level 2 nutrition course - healthier food and special diets.

(1)Training is recognised as essential to the success of any enterprise. The Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) makes it a legal requirement to train all staff in Health & Safety and the new Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013 and EU 852/2004 contain a similar provision.

Due to customer demand, we have included CoSHH courses and health and safety courses to our portfolio. 

Why choose CIEH training courses? 

CIEH regulated qualifications are highly valued by organisations because they:

  • Meet all legislative requirements in food safety and are respected by professionals in these fields
  • Meet national standards for knowledge and skills
  • Decrease the risk of incidents in the workplace
  • Are recognised by businesses throughout the UK, EU, UAE and many more!
  • Provide a framework that is easy to adapt to specific sector or company needs
  • They are the voice of Environmental Health Officers and set the standards for their qualifications

Drive up safety strandards in your business by contacting Kitchen Tonic today.