Level 2 HACCP Course - RSPH

Level 2 HACCP Course - RSPH

This qualification introduces the concept of HACCP and enables the learner to develop an understanding of all control, monitoring and corrective action procedures for which they may be directly responsible in order to ensure effective food safety.


Who is this course for:

For anyone working in the food and drink sectors to need to have an understanding or basic qualification in HACCP. Candidates taking this course will have knowledge and understanding of facts, procedures and ideas in HACCP to complete welldefined tasks and address straight-forward problems. They will be able to interpret relevant information and ideas and will be aware of a range of information that is relevant to HACCP within a food environment. This course is suitable for Catering, Manufacturing and related businesses, who need to understand the basic principles of HACCP. 


Summary of outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of HACCP - benefits, origins, legal requirements, due diligence.
  • Understand the fundamentals of HACCP - Prerequisites, the process of developing HACCP based on CODEX HACCP Principles. 


Course information:

  • Duration: one-day
  • Assessment method: Multiple-choice examination (20 questions) (catering and manufacturing options)
  • Ofqual qualification number: 603/3652/3
  • Pre-requisite: None, however it is best to have knowledge in food safety before taking this course
  • Recommended progression: Level 3 HACCP


Public courses @ Kitchen Tonic London, W5

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In-house - we come to you. 

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HACCP plans and documentation:

Do you require assistance developing HACCP Plans, food safety policies and other documentation pertaining to food safety? Contact us for more information on how we can assist