Stay at home nutrition programme

A healthy eating programme developed around achieving a good balance of nutrition through healthy eating during CV-19 #stayathome.


Due to the sudden impact of CV-19 on our lifestyles, it is easy to overlook nutrition and start eating unhealthy food and snacks which could lead to lack of concentration and health problems, such as weight gain and high cholesterol. Making small changes to your daily eating habits can help improve overall health, concentration and energy levels.


We have nutritional and wellbeing experts who can help guide you to make small and achievable changes to your current eating plan to improve your overall nutritional balance.


Topics include:

Example of daily eating plans
Balanced and healthier meal plans for breakfast, lunch, evening meal and snacks


Reducing food waste
How to make use of ingredients, leftovers, freezing fresh fruit and vegetables


Food safety practices 
How to defrost, cook, cool, and store food safely. Understanding use by and best before dates


Healthy eating guidelines
Learn how to eat healthy from evidence based U.K. Eatwell guidelines


Vegan nutrition 
Enhancing nutritional absorption of vitamins and minerals. Advice on protein 
alternatives, dairy alternatives and nutritional deficiencies to watch out for


Vegetarian nutrition
Advice on healthier protein and dairy substitutes 


Weight management
Weight maintenance and simple weight loss through calorie control and healthier snacks.


Portion sizes

Easy to understand portion sizes for starchy and protein foods, fruit and vegetables, dairy, fats and oils


Keeping yourself hydrated through fluid intake and how alcohol and caffeine can affect your hydration levels


Contact Information

If you would like to learn more about this programme and how we can help you please reach out to us on the below

Tel: 07444 579 629

Tel: 020 3371 1516