About Us

A leading provider of Training and Food Safety Consultancy. 

Kitchen Tonic is a provider of high-quality Ofqual regulated food hygiene, Health & Safety, HACCP, allergen, First Aid and nutrition training courses for individuals, community groups and companies. 

Kitchen Tonic trainers have many years of experience in the food industry; working in the public and private sectors, auditing fast food chains and independent shops, logistics, retail and restaurants as food safety consultants, trainers and auditors. Our trainers are not only trainers, they are practitioners. That means our trainers continuously update their skills and knowledge to ensure that each candidate and our clients receive up-to-date information and advice. 


Kitchen Tonic Food Safety Consultants consist of Food Safety, Microbiology and Nutrition graduates and a local authority EHO. They can help your business improve their Food Hygiene Ratings, conduct regular Food Safety Audits, to help you improve and maintain hygiene standards, implement your Safer Food Better Business pack, develop Allergen information, write bespoke HACCP plans, offer menu development for healthier choices and more.  Please read about two of our most recent clients case studies below. 


Training provision

We are dedicated to improve safety standards and strive to deliver high quality interactive and appealing training. If requested, we can provide a customised service for you, your company and your staff training needs. We can provide training for new members of staff such as induction training and refresher training when needed. Our trainers can come to you and deliver training on-site at your venue.

Our training courses are cost effective, flexible and catered to suit your needs as a client. We have provided training to logistic companies, sports venues, media and TV companies, caretakers, chefs, cooks, gastro pubs, nannies, farms, community groups, pop-ups, retailers, butchers, charities, private chefs to celebrities, high street restaurants, food and drink manufacturers, food packaging manufacturers and many more.  We also work with adult education centres in London providing trainers for their food hygiene courses and other registered centres.

Consultancy services

HACCP plans: we can develop your HACCP documentation. We have written HACCP plans for sushi and sashimi businesses, burgers, butchers, cakes, patisserie, bread, biscuits and more. 

Safer Food Better Business: Need help with implementing and filling out your book? Contact us today, to come and complete it for you and advise on it's use. 

Other services include:

  1. HACCP documentation - we can write yours!
  2. Write your pre-requisites
  3. Health and Safety policies
  4. Completing Safer Food Better Business
  5. Food safety policies and procedures
  6. Allergen documentation and training
  7. Food hygiene inspections - improve or maintain your Food Hygiene Rating
  8. Training on Safer Food Better Business
  9. Food hygiene Induction training
  10. We hope to hear from you soon!  


Case study

In 2023, we wrote a bespoke HACCP plan for a Sushi and Sashimi restaurant and takeaway in London. This sushi business contacted us, as they had to accept a voluntary closure notice issued by the council EHO. They had to stop selling food immediately, which included selling on 3rd party delivery websites and were given a Food Hygiene Rating of 0. 

The voluntary closure notice was issued, as they had no documented evidence that showed they had identified the hazards and controls for preparing and selling sashimi and sushi rice. It was also issued for lack of documentation and monitoring of hazards, poor personal hygiene, lack of cleaning, storing chemicals next to food, lack of maintenance, lack of training, poor stock control and labelling. Although they were using Safer Food Better Business, it was not being implemented and was not suitable for sushi and sashimi food business. 

Kitchen Tonic worked quickly with this company. We developed a bespoke HACCP and Food Safety Management System, identifying their hazards and control measures. We developed a monitoring system and documentation, wrote their pre requisites and developed a review policy. We conducted food safety audits, to point out areas that needed improvement. Staff were trained, the kitchen was deep cleaned and everything was given a dedicated labelled storage area. After everything was developed,  implemented and all staff were comfortable, the company then applied for a paid reinspection. Within 4 months from our initial input, this company was awarded a Food Hygiene Rating of 5 on their reinspection. 

This case, highlights our experience and the sushi companies hard work to drive up and attain excellent levels of food hygiene in such a short time period. 

Case study 2023

We were contacted by a Middle Eastern restaurant in Ealing London. They had been given a Food Hygiene Rating of 1. They had been marked down for a vastly inadequate Food Safety Management System, a unhygienic premises, lack of allergen information, lack of training, poor stock control and labelling, poor maintenance and lack of monitoring procedures. 

We worked quickly with the company, implementing Safer Food Better Business, developing monitoring forms and updated their allergen information. Staff received training in food hygiene and allergens, the kitchen was deep cleaned, equipment was repaired and as was property structural maintenance issues, a stock control and labelling system was implemented and the company reduced the amount of different brand chemicals they were using. 

The business then applied for a paid reinspection and the same EHO awarded them a Food Hygiene Rating of 5. All of this was achieved within 5 months. Furthermore, the restaurant was then awarded a Food Hygiene trophy from Ealing Council for being the most improved business within the borough.