Appeals, complaints and malpractice policy

Appeals policy

Whenever learners are assessed they should be given clear guidance on the assessment method. You are provided with assessment guidance on our website and you will also find it on the pre course information forms sent to you before the course. If you have been placed on a course by your company, your course organiser will have been sent this information which should forwarded to you before the course. If you have booked yourself on a course, the information will have been sent to you directly. Please ensure to complete and return the pre course questionnaire before your course, so we are aware of any learning needs you may have. We may then contact you depending on information you provide on this form.


It is the responsibility of the candidate to notify the trainer at the earliest opportunity, if there are any circumstances which may affect your examination performance. Kitchen Tonic will then bring this to the attention of the RSPH, who will take it into consideration.


If you are dissatisfied with your results, you have the right to appeal and request a re-mark. It is the policy of Kitchen Tonic to allow learners appeal against any results decision or if they feel the assessment procedures were not conducted properly, or that the exam decision is unfair. This applies to all RSPH exams. The RSPH do not provide individual exam marks. Any candidate who sits an RSPH exam will get to know their individual score, when the results are available. Scores are not printed on certificates issued to successful candidates.


There is a RSPH fee for re-marking, but this is fully refunded if your appeal is upheld. You should be aware that the outcome of any re-marking could result in a lower mark being awarded.


Candidates, should in the first instance appeal through Kitchen Tonic. Your appeal should be submitted in writing (email or recorded delivery). You should provide a clear explanation for the basis of your appeal. Please also include your name, address, email, course title and date of exam. When your appeal has been received, Kitchen Tonic will acknowledge you appeal, via email or recorded delivery letter.  Your appeal should be made within five working days of receiving your certificate. Kitchen Tonic will investigate your appeal and report back to you within 28 working days.  Please note, you may be required to attend an informal meeting with the trainer and internal verifier within the 28 day time frame. You will be notified of this and you will be able to bring a relative or friend with you. You should provide the name of the person, their relationship to you and if they are legally qualified or not. You should confirm within 3 days if you are attending and bringing someone with them.


If you are not satisfied with the decision of Kitchen Tonic taken after your appeal, you may submit a further appeal to the RSPH through Kitchen Tonic no later than 14 days after receiving the outcome of your first appeal. Kitchen Tonic will then contact the RSPH to trigger the RSPH appeals procedure on your behalf. This appeal will be considered by the Chief External Examiner, who is an independent arbitrator, and the Examination Services Manager will inform your centre in writing within 28 days of the Chief External Examiner’s decision.


If you are not satisfied with the Chief External Examiner’s decision, you can resubmit the appeal to RSPH through Kitchen Tonic no later than 14 days after receiving the outcome of your last appeal. This appeal will be considered by the RSPH Qualifications Standards Committee, which will include at least one independent professional with no connections to the RSPH. The decision of the RSPH qualifications Standards Committee is final, and no further correspondence will be entered into.


Complaints policy

Kitchen Tonic is committed to ensuring that candidates are provided with the best possible information, services and products. In order to fulfil this obligation we continually monitor performance through regular surveys and have a clear complaints and appeals procedure.


However, it is recognised that there may be occasions when service levels do not meet your expectations and you may wish to make a complaint. As the training providers, you should contact us (Kitchen Tonic) initially with the details of your complaint. All complaints should be submitted in writing or email, providing a clear explanation of the basis of the complaint.


We will fully investigate the complaint and report back to you within 28 days.



Malpractice policy

Kitchen Tonic is a reputable and respected training organisation and will not allow any malpractice to take place either with trainers, readers, writer’s, interpreter’s or other candidates. Malpractice is any conduct or behaviour which gives unfair advantage to a candidate or disadvantages other candidates.

This could be:


Mobile phone ringing during the exam

Copying another candidates answers

Gaining unauthorised access to confidential exam papers

Using unauthorised electronic aids such as internet enabled devices, paperwork and or course books under exam conditions.

Impersonating another candidate

Altering of results or certificates

Altering letters confirming attendance of course or results

Not following the exam instructions given before the exam such to stop writing when time is up. 

Asking anyone who may be assisting you with your exam, such as a reader, to help you choose the correct answer.

Writing down exam questions and taking them out of the exam room.

It is the responsibility of the candidates to comply with this policy and the trainer and or invigilator to ensure compliance. It may be necessary for the trainer or invigilator to intercept you during the exam and ask you so stop what you are doing. If you continue after your first warning your exam will be terminated.


In cases of suspected malpractice, the following process will take place:

1.      Identify candidate

2.      Investigate

3.    Write a report

4.    Submit report to internal verifier

 All reports of suspected malpractice will be kept on file for 3 years and will be made available to the awarding body, the RSPH.



Please submit your appeal or complaint to:

The Course Director

Kitchen Tonic

9 Cranleigh Mews


SW11 2QL

Or email: