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Kitchen Tonic is an independent training company specialising in food safety and HACCP training. We help our clients make suitable training choices to protect the health and well being of their customers and staff.

We are equipped to help businesses to make change that matters, in environments more challenging than ever. Through our highly talented trainers, our knowledge, and perspective of the industry - we know we can deliver impact for your business when it comes to food safety and HACCP training.


Kitchen Tonic recently (April 2019) developed a HACCP plan and Food Safety Policy package for a Dark Kitchen in London. Dark Kitchens do not have physical customers or customer seating areas that you have in restaurants etc. They are not takeaway either. 

Dark Kitchens often work from a shared unit, but have their own kitchens and storage areas. Customers order their food online or via an app. This is then prepared by the dark kitchen and delivered by a seperate moped/cycle courier company.

Our recent customer is based under railway arches in London. They specialise in burgers, fries and sides. 

If you need a HACCP plan or food safety policies developed, contact us today. 

Manager Bar Hotel Conference Venue April 2019

Thank you for a very informative day on Wednesday, it was made especially interesting hearing about your own experiences. 

We have previously done on-line training, but felt the staff didn't do the course fully and had poor knowledge after the online course. We decided to change to a trainer based course.

After results were issued:

Thank you for getting in touch with results, everyone is really happy to have done so well! 

We will certainly be in touch regarding future training requirements for our company group.

We look forward to receiving the certificates soon, and thank you once again for a great day last Wednesday.


HACCP plan

One of our long term clients is a traditional Japanese restaurant in Westminster, close to Oxford Circus. They contacted us to develop their HACCP plan, as they serve traditional Sushi Rice and Sashimi. We took on this exciting challenge and developed the plan. We taught their stafff how to check the pH of the rice and complete the new monitoring forms. 

Contact us today to write your HACCP plan.

Kitchen Tonic has been providing Level 3 Food Hygiene training for a University based in Surrey. We have been teaching their catering staff for approximately 3 years. As well as working for traditional catering companies, we also extend our training to other educational establishments. 

A quote from the manager: My staff loved the way you delivered the course and we'd love to have you back to deliver the course again. 

One of our longest Food Manufacturing clients is a French company based in London and Leicester. The comany make a wide range of bread and pastries such as baguettes and  Pain au Chocolat for major retailers in the UK and contract caterers. We have been delivering training at both of their factory sites for over 10 years now.  We regularly train staff at Level 3 HACCP

If you are a food and drink manufacturer contact us today to set up training for your staff. 

Food Safety Policy and HACCP

Our Belgian patisserie client based in London, has been working with Kitchen Tonic since 2014. Our client has a number of shops based in London and a cake manufacturing unit. We conduct food safety audits at their shops and manufacturing unit.  We developed their HACCP and Food Safety Policy

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Food Hygiene rating - 5

One of our longest established clients is a high end bakery, who are based in Windsor. We have delivered a range of training at their Windsor venue from Food Safety Level 3 to Allergen Training. We have developed their HACCP plan and Food Safety policies. We also conduct Food Safety Audits to help them maintain excellent hygiene standards and maintain that prestigious Food Hygiene Rating of 5. We have been working with this bakery for over 8 years.  

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Level 2 Food Safety Course

Recently one of our Food Safety trainers delivered the Level 2 Food Safety Course for a large group of staff, who work at a well known trampoline park in Slough. We held a late afternoon early evening traininng course. Kitchen Tonic has been delivering this course for the trampoline company for the last two years across their multiple sites. 

Contact us to book food safety training for your staff. We can train late in the afternoon and sometimes weekends. 


Level 2 Food Safety

Earlier this week one of our food safety trainers was in Farringdon, delivering level 2 in food safety for a start up food business, who post fresh pasta dishes through your letterbox! You may have seen them on Dragons Den? We have been regularly training their staff over the past 8 months. We have good links to other food businesses in Farringdon and Barbican. Some are corpoorate offices, others are independent restaurants, cafes and hotels. With Kitchen Tonic and our trainers being based in central London, this is an area we can easily get to. 

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Level 3 Food Safety and Hygiene Course for Catering - RSPH

The Zoonotic report, is a tool we use in the delivery of our food safety courses. It provides information on outbreaks of food poisoning in the UK. If you attend a level 4 course in Food Safety, we include the information on these reports to make sure you get the most up to date information on infections such as Salmonella, Camplyobacter and any emerging pathogens that all food businesses need to be aware of and put control measures in place. 

This annual report on zoonoses in the United Kingdom (UK) includes cases of zoonotic infection in humans and animals reported during 2017. The data has been compiled from statutory notifiable or reportable disease reports, national scanning surveillance systems, national laboratory reporting, control programmes and research activities.