Level 4 Managing Food Safety and Hygiene Course for Manufacturing- RSPH

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Who needs this qualification? ​

This course is designed for those who are, or intend to be, managers in any manufacturing sectors. It covers all of the necessary aspects of food hygiene and safety in depth, providing candidates with thorough knowledge. This course is also beneficial for HACCP manager, food business operators, auditors, trainers and technical staff. 


Why is this training important? 

With so much media attention on food scares and food poisoning it is essential that anyone who works in a food and drink environment is properly equipped to deliver a safe product to their customers. It is vital that staff are trained at the relevant level and that you support them in this task.  

The aim of this qualification is to provide an in-depth knowledge of food safety and hygiene. Holders of this qualification will have the appropriate knowledge and understanding of food safety to develop and implement food safety management systems. 


Course duration - 5 days with an additional day for exam purposes:

Unlike other level 4 Food Safety courses, Kitchen Tonic does not run this course on consecutive days. This means, if you are managing a food business you do not have to be off-site for a whole week to attend. You are also given several weeks between the last day of your course and your exam, to prepare for the written exams.


Assessment and Grading:

Attainment of the Learning Outcomes will be assessed by two new hand written examination set by RSPH. The two papers consist of; a controlled assignment based on your place of work. The second paper is synoptic, covering all parts of the course content. Candidates are allocated 120minutes to complete both papers.  All questions on both of the papers must be answered. The qualification is graded as either Pass or Distinction. Candidates who fail to reach the minimum standard for the Pass grade will be recorded as having failed the assessment and will not receive a certificate.


Recommended prior learning:

It is recommended that candidates have a Level 3 qualification in Food Safety, or a Level 2 qualification in Food Safety obtained before January 2006. RSPH also recommends that candidates have a level of literacy and numeracy equivalent to Level 2. 

Candidates who have previously took level 2 or level 3 online food safety training, will be invited in to sit a pre course assessment. Please note this qualification and exam focuses on managing food safety. Candidates should understand the requirements for managing food safety in a food business situation. Candidates should have experience working in a food manufacturing setting. 


Restrictions on Candidate Entry:

Candidates should not enter, with another awarding body, for a Level Four qualification in managing food safety in catering. Candidates should be prepared to set time outside the course for answering set homework, reading around the subject and, preparing for the advance level 4 managing food safety exam.  


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In-house - we come to you. 

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