Improve your Food Hygiene Rating

Improve your Food Hygiene Rating - 'Plate it Safe' Food Safety Audits

Do you know what local authority environmental health inspectors are looking for when they visit your food business? Are you a caterer with a poor hygiene rating? Would you like to improve it?  whilst driving up food safety standards you may also see an increase in revenue. 


Hire Kitchen Tonic to come to your premises and carry out an audit. The auditor will give you feedback on how to improve your rating, when you have your next inspection. We also work with a Local authority food safety officer, who can come and complete an inspection of your premises one a year as part of our auditing package. 


We have various packages to suit your business needs. From quarterly audits to quarterly audits with training. 


We currently provide these services to several small restaurants and small restaurant chains and pubs, corporate caterers, bakeries and patisseries, cafes and hotels. 

What is a Food Hygiene Rating?  

The food hygiene rating given to a food business reflects the standards of food hygiene found on the date of inspection or visit by the local authority inspectors. The food hygiene rating is not a guide to food quality. 


The scheme is run by local authorities in England, Northern Ireland and Wales and applies to restaurants, pubs, cafes, pop-up food businesses, markets, home businesses, takeaways, hotels, supermarkets and other food businesses.


Many consumers today are more than likely to check out your Food Hygiene Rating, which you may have displayed on your front door or window. If you don’t have it displayed, consumers can check out your rating on-line or they could walk by and go to another place, where it is displayed. Customers may also check out your rating prior to making a booking.


It is not a requirement in England (it is in Wales and NI) to display Food Hygiene Ratings, although your Enforcement Officer may recommend you do so.


Food Hygiene Ratings have replaced the ‘Scores on Doors’ ratings since 2012. The Ratings are expressed in a value of O-5. 0,1 and 2 are poor ratings and the business is usually working with the officer to improve their situation. 3, 4 and 5 are generally good or very good when you have been given a rating of 5.


How are ratings calculated?

When the Enforcement Officer from the Local Authority carries out an inspection, there are many different things the look at and look for. There are 3 main categories.

The first category the officer is looking at the hygienic handling of food. This includes the preparation and cooking of food, as well as storage of food products and cooling and reheating of food products.   


The second category is the cleanliness and the condition of the facilities. This section covers, cleaning, pest control, hand washing facilities and maintenance. 


The third section covers how well the business is managed! Here the officer will check if systems are in place to protect food safety, such as a Food Safety Management Systems and HACCP plans. They will check if your staff follow good hygiene rules.


Would you like help improving your score?

Or are you happy with your risk rating and would like to maintain your quality standards. Call us 020 3371 1516 and ask about our food hygiene inspections. 


Food Safety Consultancy to new businesses or existing businesses 

If you are starting out ot taking over or an existing food business and need assistance meeting requirements pertaining to a food business, there are several ways which Kitchen Tonic can assist. 


We offer the following services: 

  • Staff training 
  • Induction training resources 
  • HACCP documentation 
  • Allergen documentation and help complying with the new EU regulations 
  • Food safety policies and procedures 
  • Healthy eating, menu or ingredient changes 
  • Facility requirements including layout of premises 
  • Registering with the local authority.
  • Mystery shopper services
  • Food safety inspections


At Kitchen Tonic we have helped our clients drive up food safety standards in the work place, through our training and food safety assessments. Our clients "Food Hygiene Ratings" have improved from 0 or 1 to 3 stars and from 3 or 4 to 5 stars and in one case 0 to 5. We maintain client confidentiality at all times. Our clients include well known high street catering, hospitality and retail companies. 


Kitchen Tonic's food safety auditor has several years working and continues to work alongside a global leading provider of food safety quality assurance systems and audits food businesses in the UK, Europe and Middle East. Our hygiene auditor is currently involved in auditing a chain of 5* hotels in the UK, Middle East and EU, retailer in Windsor and top restaurants and take aways in the City of London and Chelsea.


What can you expect from our Food Safety Assessments (on site visit)?

The assessment is designed around your business needs. We identify priority areas from staff training and practices, cleaning, equipment, food handling, preparation and storage, pest issues and working environment. Our consultants will discuss any findings highlighting both safe and unsafe practises with you and leave a short report onsite with recommendations. A full detailed report will follow in 5 working days.


The food safety assessments will aid you in preparing for a visit from your local authorities Environmental Health Dept. The assessment will help you to be prepared and confident for the Environmental Health Practitioners' unannounced visit!


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