HACCP development


Our implementation consultants work on-site with businesses to help them move beyond recommendations - to achieve long-term improvements


What is HACCP

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point ) is a way of managing food safety hazards. Food safety management procedures should be based on HACCP principles. 


HACCP involves:

  • ldentifying and capturing what you do in your business

  • Assesing risks to food safety and bulding procedures to ensure the risk is removed or reduced to safe levels

  • Identifying any critical control points the areas a business needs to focus on. Then creating a roadmap of mitigation initiatives your business can deploy. 

  • Knowing what to expect and what action you need to take if something goes wrong.

  • Making sure that your procedures are being followed and are working

  • Keeping records to show your procedures are working


What we do

Three things distinguish our work:

Risk Analysis. We help clients define and implement the target objectives for their business environment. This includes simplification plans to standardise and rationalise all food safety risks, creating significant business value and enabling clients to prosper

Knowledge, honed through experience. Kitchen tonic has helped businesses manage many challenging environemnts and their aftermath. Across mulitple food industries and regions, we understand how a crisis can unfold, we know what to do to prevent this and we know how to react to a crisis if required. We lean on over 10 years of experience to help clients forsee these scenarios with tried and tested methods, ensuring your company can thrive and react for rapid and effective recovery.

Long term strategy. We help clients find and address the root cause of risks, not just the immediate problem. This helps our clients build resilience and minimises future risks